Snakes and ladders

Hello to all readers. How are you today? I wrote this prayer a couple of weeks ago. It’s about the ups and downs of the spiritual life:

Snakes and ladders

And he dreamed that there was a ladder set up on the earth, the top of it reaching to heaven (Genesis 28:12; NRSV).

Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light (Micah 7:8).

 …he is not far from any one of us (Acts 17:27; NRSV).



Thank you for showing me

That our spiritual journey 

Includes both snakes and ladders.


When the path is level 

We make progress 

One step at a time,

Feeling comfortable and safe.


When we reach a ladder,

A flash of revelation 

Propels us 

Up into dazzling light. 


When we land on a snake,

A bad experience destroys our faith.

We falter, lose our footing,

And pitch headlong down into the dark.


Yet, whatever happens,

All will be well,

For you are with us –

On level ground,

In dazzling light,

And even in deepest darkness.


Through each experience 

You teach us 

What we need to learn –

About you, 

About others,

And about ourselves.



Thank you that we are in your hands,

No matter how we feel,

Or what we experience 

Along the way.


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