The armour of God

Hello to all readers. Today’s prayer was inspired by a phone conversation with a friend a couple of days ago. I’ve wanted to write something personal about the armour of God for a long time, so I’ll be keeping a copy of this by my bedside for the mornings.

The armour of God

Therefore put on the whole armour of God (Ephesians 6:13; NIV).

It’s time for me to put on your armour again –
May it strengthen me
To face whatever today will bring.

May your belt of truth
Give me courage
To speak with honesty and love.

May your breastplate of righteousness
Protect the love for you
That burns in my fragile heart.

May your sandals of readiness
Guide me to those who long to hear
The gospel of peace.

May your shield of faith
Deflect all physical,
Emotional and spiritual attacks.

May your helmet of salvation
Defend me from doubt, anxiety,
Panic, depression and despair.

May the sword of your Spirit
Warn me of danger,
And fight for me day and night.

Help me to stay alert,
Always aware of your presence,
And praying continually in your Spirit.

Thank you for helping me
To put on your armour.
I’m ready now
To face whatever the day will bring.

I ask all this in your blessed name,
In the name of your Son,
And in the name of your Holy Spirit.

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