Headaches and migraines

Hello, everyone. I wrote this prayer last year, and gave a copy to my neurologist, whom I see every three months about my migraines and headaches. Although it voices my frustration in a humorous way, it also has a serious underlying message about facing and dealing with the difficult issues in my life…

Headaches and migraines
* …my pain is ever with me (Psalm 38:17).
* There will be no more …pain (Revelation 21:4).

This pain is always with me!

Please help me with the headaches and migraines
Plaguing my life.

Day after day,
Things nag at the back of my mind,
Just out of conscious reach.

Whenever they come briefly into focus,
I feel a flash of hurt, frustration, irritation, rage –
But instead of taking action
I reflexively suppress them all.

No wonder I have headaches,
And this pain is always with me…

As the time to face
Each unresolved concern gets close,
Stress drives it to the forefront of my mind
Where it EXPLODES!!!

No wonder I have migraines,
And this pain is always with me!

Help me to face each nagging issue squarely,
Listen to my gut feelings,
And act accordingly.

Then, perhaps,
There will be no more pain!

2 thoughts on “Headaches and migraines

  • Love your poem-and completely relate! Even though I rarely get migraines anymore because of my migraine alert service dog, I can relate!

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