Two prayers

Hello, everyone. The last week has been full of personal learning for me, thanks to a combination of experiences, therapy and dreams. Below are two short prayers describing some of what I’ve understood:

A.  Is this about me? 

The moment I start to think
Someone has taken a dislike to me,
I need to ask myself:
Is this about me?
Did I say, or do,
Something unreasonable
That hurt
or angered them?

If I’ve been unkind in any way,
Help me to apologise
And put things right
Between us.

But if I know
I’ve done nothing wrong,
Help me ask myself:
Is it about them?
Because they might just
Be having a really bad day.

If this seems likely,
Help me to let
Their coldness or irritability
Go straight over my head,
So I don’t take it personally
At all.

B.  It’s up to me

When others are firmly stating
What they think I should do,
Whether it concerns a trivial matter,
Or something really important,
Please help me
To remind them calmly that
It’s up to me –
Then to make make own decision,
And stick to it!


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