News update

Hi, everyone, sorry about the various errors in today’s blog. My husband is in Turkey, which is pretty troubled at this time, and I’m just not able to concentrate on my writing as carefully as I would usually like. I’ve re-published the blog for a third time, hoping to have got rid of the mistakes this time. Please bear with me. Hopefully, the situation will improve, and all will be well again soon.

With love from Ruth XXXXXX

2 thoughts on “News update

  • Praying for you and your husband, Ruth.
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful words every morning.

    • Dear Kat, thank you so very much for those kind words. You are the only person of all my internet contacts who has even mentioned my husband’s situation. I was feeling very sad about that, and struggling with a degree of bitterness, but your words are very healing. Thank you so much for your prayers as well. With love from Ruth XXXXX

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