Work with God

The man they call Jesus made mud and spread it over my eyes and told me, ‘Go to the Pool of Siloam and wash yourself.’ So I went and washed, and now I can see! (John 9:11; NLT).

Then Jesus instructed him not to tell anyone what had happened. he said, “Go to the priest and let him examine you. Take along the offering required in the law of Moses” (Luke 5:14; NLT).

He helps me (Psalm 28:7; NLT).


Healing isn’t just
A passive process –
We need to work with you
To help ourselves.

Please help us to confront
Our problems squarely,
So we gain insight,
Learn, and change, and grow;

For this how we work our way
Towards healing
Year after year –
With your unfailing help.

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