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What is child emotional abuse?

Do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them (Ephesians 6:4; NLT).


What is
Child emotional abuse?

It’s using scorn and criticism
To undermine
Your child’s confidence.

It’s bullying,

It’s threats,
And domination,
And intrusiveness.

It’s shouting,
And screaming at them.

It’s using your
Superior size
And power

To keep them
And afraid.

It’s using violence
On inanimate

To make it clear
That you could do the same
To them.

It’s forcing them
To face what they’re
Afraid of,

Whilst mocking them
For being

It’s laying the foundations
For a lifetime of physical
And mental illness,

By traumatising
Your dependent child

When they confront
You as an adult,

It’s minimising
or denying
What you’ve done,

While ignoring or despising
The symptoms
Your behaviour has caused –

Anxiety, depression,
And much more.

So, is this the legacy
You want to give
Your child?


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