Christ in all

Christ lives within you (Romans 8:10; NLT).


Christ in sorrow
And in bliss,

Christ in darkness
And in light;

Christ in fasting
And in feast,

Christ in wretchedness
And might.

Christ in beauty
And in shame,

Christ in sickness
And in health;

Christ in pleasure
And in pain,

Christ in poverty,
And wealth.

Christ in laughter
And in tears,

Christ in living
And in death;

Christ in confidence
And fear,

Christ in all –
Till our last breath.

2 thoughts on “Christ in all

  • <3 I so relate to this. He gives us the strength (even if we don't often feel it) to wait till the difficult times pass ('This too shall pass' – one of my favourite quotes) and the ability to enjoy the good and beautiful things.

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