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Mental health

Speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15; NLT).



In order
To improve
Our mental health

We need to face
Our feelings
And our thoughts,

So we can speak
The truth in love
To others,

And make
Much-needed changes
In our lives.


4 thoughts on “Mental health

  1. I admire anyone who has the bravery to do any of those things. Facing our feelings can be hard and often we try to hide our past from others, which prevents us from being truthful. Finally, it takes a lot of courage to go ahead and make changes which could take us out of the comfort zone we’ve made for ourselves. This is a much needed prayer!


    • Yes, it’s the hardest of skills, and can go down really badly. But I think it’s still better than saying nothing, or, even worse, saying something that is not truthful. I think, on the whole, I’d rather live with the consequences of speaking out than with the consequences of saying nothing, though both can be pretty bad xxxxxxxx


      • I used to mask my problems and feelings with ye olde liquid poison, therefore saying nothing to anyone and, worst of all, not acknowledging these things to myself. Now that I’m sober, my feelings can be very raw, but I reckon it’s a step forward. :) XX


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