I cling to you

I cling to you who made me, 
You who know me,
And sustain me. 

I cling to you who sees me,
You who hear me,
And forgive me.

I cling to you who loves me,
You who guide me,
And defend me. 

I cling to you who saves me, 
You who heal me,
And redeem me.



He himself gives life and breath to everything (Acts 17:25; NLT).

You are the God who sees me (Genesis 16:13; NLT).

He hears us (1 John 5:14; NIV).

He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases (Psalm 103:3; NLT).

He loves us with unfailing love (Psalm 117:2; NLT). 

He redeems my soul in safety from the battle that I wage (Psalm 55:18; ESV).

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