We look for you

You are the temple of the living God
(Luke 17:21; NKJV).

1. We look for you
In heaven above,
And on the earth below.

2. We seek you, Lord,
In all we meet,
Including every foe.

3. We search for you
In life and death,
In love, and even sin.

4. We seek you, Lord,
Beyond ourselves,
But find you deep within.

4 thoughts on “We look for you

      • Perhaps many people are indifferent or they’ve been hurt in some way so refuse to look. It is sad, but there’s always hope. I fell out with God for years, but he never let me go.

        Off topic, Ruth – I’ve got the leg massagers on now and it feels sooooo good! Hope no one comes to the door. 😁 xxx

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