Something unusual (9.12.20. For A.K.)

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Something very unusual happened today. It was a cold, grey morning, and I set off to walk the short distance to church at about 9.30, as usual. This generally takes about 5 minutes, depending on how slow I am.

I was the first person to arrive, so I sat down to pray in the stillness, whilst waiting for mass to start at 10 o’clock. I remember checking my watch, only to find that it had stopped at 9.35, so I didn’t know the exact time.

The church was quite dark, apart from a small spotlight above the statue of Our Lady of Rushen, and a dimly-illuminated panel of the Last Supper on the front of the altar. As always, the red tabernacle flame was flickering in its glass holder.

One by one, a few people arrived quietly, the silence deepening as they settled down to pray.

Hearing the priest come out of the sacristy, I looked up, and watched as he prepared for the service by lighting the altar candles, and the first two Advent candles. These were on an ornate metal stand, next to the altar. The first took several seconds to light, but the second burned immediately.

As the second flame steadied, the priest, the stand, and a small area around them were suddenly bathed in a glowing, translucent, Marian-blue light. Time seemed to stand still. I gazed in wonder, unsure of what I was seeing. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Was I imagining it? Could anyone else see what was happening? The effect was soft, yet bright; exquisitely beautiful, mysterious, and awesome. Overwhelmed and disturbed, I hid my face, and prayed, full of confusion. I had no sense of how long this continued, but it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes.

Then there was a click, and the main church lights came on. I looked up, but the radiant turquoise-blue light had disappeared. The little sacring-bell rang; we all stood up as the priest entered to say mass. I knew it was exactly 10am, as he is always very punctual.

After the service, I stayed in the church to pray, then walked back slowly, feeling very strange, and trying to make sense of the whole experience.

When I got home, I found an online message from a friend, which included the following sentence:

May you know the stirring of His Spirit within you,
guiding and sustaining you today.

The message had been sent at 9.44am, which must have been just around the time when the strange light appeared.


9 thoughts on “Something unusual (9.12.20. For A.K.)

  • Almighty God controls the world but He cares and works in our lives personally too. How blessed we are that the Creator of the Universe is close to each of us! He can use all circumstances and objects (as He did here) to touch us supernaturally, indeed beyond nature. These are Holy Spirit encounters with the the Godhead that should be cherished. I pray for your health and peace this weekend Ruth.

    • You are so kind, Alan. I love the fact that God can do anything, and nothing is impossible for him. I’m quite unwell at present, and with constant pain, so perhaps this beautiful experience is a form of comfort and encouragement…
      Thank you for your prayers. Mind continue for you and your wife xxxxxx

    • That’s such a lovely way of thinking. I’ve known for a while that I was going to enter a period of being much more poorly and limited. To be honest, I feel like nothing at all at present, but God is still wonderful, so it doesn’t really matter xxxx

    • Sorry, Alan and David, I think I’ve muddled up this thread of messages. Please forgive me. It’s the thought that counts, my brothers xxxxx

      • Such kind words, David – I’m very grateful. In bed today because of pain and exhaustion. Sending my love and blessings to you, to Alan, and to everyone who visits here xxxxx

  • In my life I have experienced a few visitations from the Holy Spirit, such as you shared. Each time there has been a confirmation afterwards—something I read or someone said. It’s was as if God was saying, “Yes, it was me.”

      • It’s also amazing, that even if the body is weak, the Spirit can soar in that space. I believe you are that type of vessel at this time, Ruth. Your fleshly body may get tired, but the Holy Spirit working through your worship and prayers does not.

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