Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows
(John 16:33; NLT).


Life is tough,
And change is hard.

Please help me to live
More restfully,

By doing only one task at a time,
Never hurrying,

And taking the pressure off everything –
Even prayer,

Until my soul finds rest, at last,
In you.

My soul finds rest in God
(Psalm 62:1; NIV).

7 thoughts on “Rest

  • Thank you for this beautiful and very appropriate prayer Ruth. If there is one thing I need to learn to do/receive it is rest. I end up doing too much and paying the price for it, then I must rest.
    Lord teach me restfulness. Bless Ruth and John today on this Your Day of rest. Amen.

    • Dear Alan, thank you for your blessings, your praise, your honesty, and your extremely wise words. I am just as bad, constantly putting myself under great pressure in my writing, and in everything I do – even though I actually manage so little. There are so many days when I write until I am ragged and exhausted, almost broken.

      Through a whole series of insights, God is patiently reflecting this back to me, and encouraging me to find new ways of living. Even this I can turn into hours of pressured, concentrated work and thought!

      At present, this is what I’m having to face and try to change, so it sounds as if we are together in this, as in so many other things. When God ceases to give me prayers on this subject, I want to group together all I have learned, and make it into a page (a permanent article on the website menu). However, I think that’s quite a long way off at the moment. I can see the problem so clearly now – but to change my approach to life seems almost impossible.

      However, all things are possible with God. Maybe we could pray for each other about this extremely challenging shared issue? May God bless you, and all those you love, whatever today brings xxxxxx

    • PS: Day of rest… ah, what is that? Or rather, how do I put it into practice? Not expecting you to answer this – it’s just what’s on my mind, following your wonderful message. XXXX

  • No pressure in prayer. Talking, and listening, to God should be like breathing. It happens all the time without having to work at it. May our prayers always flow. Blessings!

    • Hi David, many thanks. You’re right, and I’m very aware of what prayer “should” be like, but am currently dealing with multiple, interlinked issues around stress, pressure, hurrying, anxiety and childhood right now. If I could simply change, that would be wonderful, but I’m daily facing the emergence, often during prayer, of stuff from many many years ago. Bear with me, and I’ll get there! God bless you for caring XXXXX

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