I remember


Mary remembered all these things
and thought deeply about them
(Luke 2:19; GNT).

Jesus, I remember
The day God’s angel came,
The message, and the promise;
The way he said your name.

And I well remember
The day when you were born:
The pain, the blood, the darkness;
The crying out; the dawn.

Jesus, I remember
The day you were baptised:
The dove, the voice, the heavens,
And John, there, at your side.

And I well remember
The day you were transformed:
The sun, the cloud, God speaking;
Your robes, with light adorned.

Jesus, I remember
The day you were betrayed:
The bread, the wine, the sharing;
The garden where you prayed.

And I well remember
The day when you were killed:
The cross, the nails, the anguish;
Your destiny fulfilled.

Jesus, I remember
The day you rose anew:
The tears, the hopes, the doubting;
Your friends, so very few.

And I well remember
The day God took you home:
The quiet way you left us
To follow you, alone.

Jesus, I remember
The day your Spirit fell:
The tongues of fire, the jeering;
The truth you helped us tell.

So now, Lord, I look forward
To the day when you return:
For then I’ll see your face again –
No longer will I yearn.

I yearn for the Lord,
more than watchmen do for the morning
(Psalm 130:6; NET).

2 thoughts on “I remember

  • Simply beautiful Ruth! Each stanza deserves lengthy meditation as we seek intimacy with Him, our Lord and Saviour. I pray that the Spirit awakens my soul to each part of His earthly life, that I may better know His Heavenly Home.

    • Thank you for all your kind words, Alan. You might be interested to see the final version, which is live online. The emails can’t be updated, unfortunately. It was very late last night when I finished writing this poem, so the morning has brought a few corrections, and a slight tightening of the words here and there. Early hospital appointment this morning, so I wanted to be sure I had posted it in plenty of time. NB I’ve also emailed you. May God bless you both today. With love from Ruth xxxx

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