One God

“I am the only God,” says the Lord
(Isaiah 43:12; NLT).

1. Jehova Elohim:
The Lord –
One God, with many names.

2. Jehova Sabaoth:
The Lord of Hosts;
The One who reigns.

3. Jehovah Jireh:
God supplies our needs
From heaven above.

4. Jehova Raah:
The Shepherd King,
Who leads us with his love.

5. El Roi:
The God who sees us,
And knows everything we bear.

6. El Shama:
He who hears our cries,
And answers every prayer.

7. Jehova Rapha:
God who heals –
Our Comforter, and Friend.

8. Jehova Shammah:
Always there –
Our source, our life, our end.

The dust returns to the ground it came from,
and the spirit returns to God who gave it
(Ecclesiastes 12:7; NIV).


1. Jehova Elohim: Sovereign Lord (plural in form, but understood in the singular)

2. Jehovah Sabaoth: The Lord of Hosts

3. Jehovah Jireh: The Lord Will Provide

4. Jehovah Raah: The Lord My Shepherd

5. El Roi: The God who sees me

6. El Shama: He is a God who listens

7. Jehovah-Rapha: The Lord That Heals

8. Jehovah-Shammah: The Lord Is There

14 thoughts on “One God

  • Thank you, Alan. I’ve sweated blood to publish today. Everything about my WordPress account has changed and all the editing tools have gone. I can’t get shortlinks any more, or publish in the places I used to send my blogs to. It’s a disaster, but God is at the helm. I’ll do my best to wait and see what he has in Store XXXXX

  • Oh this is wonderful Ruth. One of my favorite books of prayers is based entirely on the names of God. Thank you for this poem. Its been a spark in a challenging day.

    • Dear Beth, I’m delighted that this prayer has been of some help and pleasure to you. But I’m sad that your days continue to be so hard. Recently, I’ve moved my prayers for you to the time at my shrine, early in the mornings. I’ve just tried to include a photo, so you know roughly how it looks, though it changes a bit most days, but there doesn’t seem to be a way of adding it here, sadly…

      You are often in my thoughts, too. Don’t give up. With love from Ruth xxxxx

      • Thank you Ruth! It means so much knowing you are praying. I’s been a stressful couple weeks and I thought my fatigue was rearing its ugly head. Only some odd symptoms cropped up so I went to the doctor who confirmed it’s an illness caused by a recent tick bite. So I’m resting the best I can and waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. Your poems each day help me focus on the Lord’s goodness and to praise Him despite any hardship. Beth:)

      • Hello, Beth, it’s my pleasure to pray for you. It’s so sad to hear about this nasty tick-bite (I’ve had a couple myself), but good that you’ve started antibiotics quickly and are resting as much as possible. Let’s hope they will do the trick, so your energy can return as close as possible to its previous level.

        I’m very touched by your last sentence, as it expresses my central aim. Many thanks for your encouragement.

        Aside from my ongoing health issues, I’ve had some very stressful days since the last WordPress update made my website almost unusable. However, with remote support from my teacher, efforts by WordPress staff, and a huge amount of help from my poor husband (who knows nothing at all about WordPress), we have finally, I hope and pray, managed to re-establish almost normal usage. God is good, so I am perfectly sure that even more good will come of what happened!

        I think of you often, and am praying for you right now and about this tick-bite fatigue, which I fear will be worrying you, in case it doesn’t respond as you hope.

        ☦️ With love from Ruth XXXXX

      • Oh Ruth how frustrating! I applaud your perseverance in not allowing the major hiccups with WP from stopping you from publishing your daily posts. The enemy tries so hard to derail us from completing the Lord’s work. It shows just how important and impactful your ministry is. Thank you again for your prayers! My body has been responding positively to the medicine of which I am so very grateful.

  • Oh – your last sentence has gladdened my heart, Beth (pausing for a quick prayer of thanks for your progress, however small). Thank you so much for keeping me in the picture. Do let me know how you go on. My prayers for you continue.

    Thank you for your praise – regarding WordPress, its been a very stressful few days, but I’m hopefully through the worst of it now. Yesterday evening I somehow managed to re-post a blog I’d already published on the 30th of June. Normally, it would be completely clear that a piece has already been published, but I saw nothing last night to indicate this. Anyway, I’ve tried to make up for this mishap by posting the second half today as a bonus! With love from Ruth XXXXXX

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