Those who suffer

I am the one who answers your prayers
and cares for you (Hosea 14:8; NLT).

You care for those who suffer:
Help us all to turn to you. 

You comfort those who suffer:
Help us all to trust in you.

You strengthen those who suffer:
Help us all to cling to you.

You carry those who suffer:
Help us all to rest in you.

My soul, find rest in God;
my hope comes from him
(Psalm 62:5; NIV).


5 thoughts on “Those who suffer

  • I really like how the NLT translates that portion of Hosea 14:8. I went into my Bible to record it in the margin and found such great encouragement from the end of the verse as well- “I am like a green pine tree; your fruitfulness comes from Me (NIV).” A reminder that His strength is at work in and through me bearing fruit. I just need to faithfully remain in the vine (John 15). Blessings to you Ruth as a new day dawns.

    • Hi Beth, sorry to be so slow in replying to your lovely message – I’ve been in A&E all day with chest pain and extreme fatigue. It’s lovely to hear that the quote sparked off further reading and comfort for you. That makes it all worthwhile. May God bless you every day. Somehow, I still manage to pray for you XxxxxX

      • Ruth, Know that you are in my prayers each day. Heavenly Father, let your beauty be upon Ruth. Establish the work of her hands wherever this new day finds her. May she continue to be a beacon of Your light in the darkness of pain and suffering this world is experiencing, and I thank you Lord Jesus for being the beacon of light that shines into the physical pain and suffering she is experiencing. (Psalms 90:17, Isaiah: 60:1-3, John 8:12). Amen

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