Fear God (#2 of 2)

Fear him alone (Deuteronomy 13:4; NLT).

Fear God’s awesome fire and strength:
Worship him alone.

Praise God’s gracious mind and heart:
Honour him alone.

Seek God’s faithful love and truth:
Dwell in him alone.

Search God’s endless height and depth:
Trust in him alone.

Share God’s blissful light and peace:
Rest in him alone.

Choose God’s perfect way of life:
Follow him alone.


God’s way is perfect (2 Samuel 31; NLT). 

Listen! I, the Lord, am giving you a choice between the way that leads to life and the way that leads to death (Jeremiah 21:8; GNT). 

We will follow the Lord our God forever and ever.
(Micah 4:5; NLT).

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