A prayer for President Putin

If you can, please join me in this prayer today:

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you (Luke 6:27-8; NIV).


I pray that President Putin will come to his senses, repent and turn to you, and that you will forgive his sins.

I pray that he will follow Christ, taking him as his way, truth and life, his Teacher, example and guide.

I pray that you will heal him in mind, heart and soul, and that he will be born again, and be filled with your Holy Spirit.

I pray that he will come to know, accept, and return, your perfect love.

I pray that he will recognise and love you in every human being, and in this astonishing world you have created – the only place in which we, your people, can live together.

Thank you for hearing my prayer, Lord.

 I ask all this in your dear Son’s name, Amen.

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love (1 John 4:8; NIV).



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