14.6.23: A walk at The Nunnery

Today I went for a treatment at The Nunnery, which used to be a convent on the Isle of Man. It is thought to have been founded in the 6th century, by Saint Bridget of Kildare, who became the first Abbess. Sadly, it was suppressed by Henry VIII, and dissolved in 1540.

It was an exceptionally hot afternoon, with a cloudless blue sky. I only walked about 100 yards, but what a joy it was to be in the beautiful parkland which still surrounds the remains of this old convent. I would like to share my photos with you, and hope you will enjoy them.

The rhododendrons are still flowering here.
A new, level path has been mowed, much to my delight.
The path leads to a lawned area, and some newly-planted trees.
This photo shows the glorious, mature hedgerows at the height of Summer.
Here is a view from the new lawn, across the flowering grassland.
The cloudless skies over the trees were stunning.
I’ve never seen The Nunnery park look more beautiful.
I loved these shady, tangled stems on the way back to the car.
I couldn’t capture the top of this towering tree.
This looks like the entrance to The Nunnery, but probably isn’t original.
I was amazed that my shadow was so clear and sharp on the rough grass.

My walk was so short that I didn’t even have a migraine afterwards, which was a great boon. This lovely afternoon has left me with some truly wonderful memories to ponder.

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  • Thank you for sharing dear sis. My appointment has been brought forward to 21 st June as I am in pain and very anxious

    • I’m so sorry you are in such pain, Bea. So it’s good news that your appointment has been brought forward. I’m praying for you, and will change this date in my diary XXXXXXXX

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