7.8.22: Dazzled (#1 of 2)

The Gardener, by George Seurat, metmuseum.org, modified by me.

Today’s prayer is a first, halting attempt to picture and describe what I experienced yesterday morning. Tomorrow I hope to post what followed it later the same day.

A bright cloud covered them with shadow.
(Matthew 17:5; JB). 

Dazzled by your light and darkness,
Lord, I meet you, deep within. 

Humbled by your loving-kindness,
I bow down to weep, and cling.

Overjoyed by your forgiveness,
I give thanks to you, my King.

Then I worship you with gladness,
In the shadow of your wing. 

Because you are my help,
I sing in the shadow of your wings.
(Psalm 57:1; NIV).

2 thoughts on “7.8.22: Dazzled (#1 of 2)

    • Thank you so much, Bea. I was awake till 3am last night, writing the second part of this, which I plan to post tomorrow, God Willing. May He bless you today with healing, energy and confidence. I’m in hospital today for my three-monthly pain treatment, beginning at 11.30, so must get up now! With love from Ruth XXXXXX

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