Last Saturday we managed a walk of about 200 yards at Scarlett, very close to where we live. It included a long rest on a bench, facing out to sea, where we watched the boats and birds in the area. It was an ambitious outing for us, so I took some photos to share with you:

This spectacular bank of valerian is at the far edge of the car park.
Scarlett is a nature reserve near Castletown, on the Isle of Man. The town can be seen in the distance.
Just below the valerian is an old stone quarry, now full of fresh water.

These beautiful waterlilies flower here every year.
A closer view.
Making our way slowly down to the benches.
The view across the bay, with Castletown in the distance.
Using a higher magnification.
Looking towards Langness Lighthouse, about two miles away.
Making an effort to walk to the gate, for the view along the coast.
Thrift, my favourite seaside flower.
The rock furthest out to sea is called The Stack. It is the tip of an ancient, extinct volcano.
The view from the gate, with a yacht coming into sight.
On the way back, the sea is to the right.
The wild flowers here are glorious.
This gull reminds me of my friend, Mr. Gulliver, back at home.
A last look at the quarry pool, on the way back to the car.
Then a final, lingering view across the bay, before driving home for a cup of tea.