Simple prayers

Hello! I’d like to offer a warm welcome to everyone who visits this collection of some of my shortest, simplest prayers. I put it together for those who are finding it hard to pray. I often struggle to pray myself, because of illness, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, or pain. At times like this, it’s all I can do just to whisper the shortest of prayers, then rest in God’s loving arms, knowing that he fully understands.




When I try to pray
In vain,
Wearied by distress,
Or fear, or pain,

Help me, instead, to rest,
Safe your hand,
Because you care,
And always understand.


To sit alone 

To sit alone
With you
Is to be one, Lord.

To walk with you
In darkness
Is to see.

To live with you
In silence
Is to pray, Lord.

To rest with you
In stillness
Is to be.


In your hands 

I am in your hands:
Do with me as you will.

No matter what you send,
Dear Lord,
Help me to love you still.

In good and bad
Please let me cling to you, Lord,
Every day,

Then I will thank you, Lord,
And never cease to pray.


Thank you

Thank you for my body,
And thank you for my mind,
Thank you for my heart, Lord,
And my soul.

Thank you for your care, Lord,
And your forgiveness, too,
Your healing, and the faith
Which makes me whole.



Life is a trek
Back to heaven.

Faith is a journey
To God.

Hope is a walk
With his Spirit.

Love is the path
That Christ trod.


Minds and hearts

It’s not just what we say
That counts,

Nor is it only
What we do.

It’s what goes on
Within our minds,

And in our hearts,
Lord, too.


The Little Way of Sainte Thérèse

Thank you, Lord,
For this new day.

Please keep me on
Your Little Way,

So I may feel, think,
Say, and do

Everything with love,
For you.


I need you

I need you.
I’m fearful and weak.

I beg you
To help me,
For life is so bleak.

I trust you.
I’m sorry, and sad.

I love you.
Forgive all my sins.
Make me glad.


I love you

I love you, Lord,
Please help me
By forgiving all my sins,

By healing me,
And saving me,
And giving my soul wings.

I love you, Lord,
Please help me
By redeeming me from death,

And crowning me
With mercy, Lord,
Beyond my final breath.


When my strength is gone

When my strength is gone,
I offer you my mind.

When my mind is blank,
I offer you my heart.

When my heart is numb,
I offer you my soul.

When my soul is void,
You’re with me, in the dark.



May prayer, Lord, be my way of life,
And constant thanks my aim,

Rejoicing in your presence,
As I praise your holy name.

May faith, Lord, be my way of life,
And steadfast hope my goal,

Loving you with all my heart,
And strength, and mind, and soul.


Love God

Love God,
When you cannot find him.

When you cannot pray.

When you cannot hear him.

When you’ve lost your way.


I drink you in

I drink you in
And praise your name,
For, Son of Man,
You are the same
Today, tomorrow,
Without end:
My Maker, Saviour,
Lord, and Friend.


Thank you 

Thank you, Lord,
For everything you give me.

May I grow
Through everything you send,

Learning from your gifts,
Both “good” and “bad”, Lord,

Always grateful,
Till I reach life’s end.


Please help me

Help me to love you, Lord, with all my heart; to share every thought with you, draw all my strength from you, unite my soul with yours, and serve you as best I can throughout today.


God is here

God is here in everything:
In joy and pain,
In loss, and gain;
In smiles and tears,
In hopes, and fears.

God is here in everything:
In earth and sky,
In land, and sea;
In life and death,
In you, and me.


You love me

You love me, Lord,
And I love you.
There’s nothing else
I need to do.

I live in you,
And you in me.
There’s nowhere else
I’d rather be.


Like God 

God wants us all
To be like him:

Free from selfishness
And sin;

His children,
Full of love and joy –

Because of Christ,
Who lives within.


Seek God 

Seek God in your desert.
Seek him night and day.

Seek him in your ruins.
Seek him when you stray.

Seek God in your wilderness.
Seek him in the dark.

Seek him in your brokenness,
And find him in your heart.



I’m always yearning
To see you face to face.

I’m always pining
To rest in your embrace.

I’m always longing
To kiss your only Son.

I’m always waiting –
Yet we’re already one.


May I wake

May I wake
In your presence
Each morning,

And walk
Every day
In your light,

The joy
Of your kingdom,

And resting
In you
Every night.


The best 

You are the best of me:
My flesh, and bone, and blood.

You are the best of me:
The only part that’s good.

You are the best of me:
My heart, and mind, and soul.

You are the best of me:
The Christ, who makes me whole.


May I serve you

May I serve you
Somehow, Lord, today.
Yet, if I cannot serve,
Help me to pray;
Or, if I cannot pray,
To feel you near.

But, if I cannot sense you,
I’ll wait here
As patiently, and calmly
As I can,
For you are God, unchanged
Since time began.




The dust of which we’re made
Is you,
For every atom
Is a part of you.

So, from the dawning
Of this fallen world,
You’re all there’s ever been,
And all we are,

Here, for a moment,
Then, beyond our death,
Dancing as one,
In each bright, singing star.