About me

Hello, my name is Ruth, and I’m a Christian, Catholic, Celtic writer. My life has been full of physical and mental challenges following an emotionally abusive childhood, so I’m still changing and growing.

I live with with chronic fatigue, invasive breast cancer, neuropathic pain, eye problems, chronic migraine, and no thyroid gland. I also have extensive experience of panic, agoraphobia, depression, and anxiety, both personally and professionally.

Whilst I’m praying I often have insights, which I try to express through poems, prayers, and photographs. Occasionally, I also have spiritual dreams and visions. I enjoy sharing all these experiences with others via my website, Twitter and Facebook.

Every day, I publish a short, original blog, praying for all those who read it, as well as for all those who do not. I very much hope you will find something on my site that interests or helps you, and I welcome feedback.

With best wishes, from Ruth xxxx

2 thoughts on “About me

  • Thank you for your lovely blog. I am the editor of a Catholic vocation guide, VISION (vocationnetwork.org). We are considering use of a photo from this page of your blog: https://ruthkirk.org/jesus/#jp-carousel-18393

    Might we have permission to use it?

    If so, we’d credit it as you instruct. The art would accompany an article on following Christ. Thank you for your consideration and best wishes in your continued publishing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Carol, thank you so much for looking at my website and contacting me. I’m always happy to share. I used the photo in question before I knew anything about crediting photographers, but I think I probably got it from Yandex, though I’ve failed to re-find it this morning.
      I therefore suggest you include a credit reading something like this:

      “Photo via ruthkirk.org, from Yandex”

      With best wishes, from Ruth xxx


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