Silent music

Many years ago, I was sitting, still and silent, at a Quaker Meeting.

Although my eyes were closed, I saw a ridge of low green hills, with the sun behind them. A small, silhouetted figure was dancing joyfully along the ridge in time with music I was unable to hear.

It was a beautiful vision, and I wanted to see it again, but I had no idea what it might mean.

Three days later, I suddenly found myself longing for a violin, though it was about 10 years since I had last played a stringed instrument.

I bought a Russian fiddle, started practicing, and within three weeks was joining in with a scratch band at barn dances. I went on to run a ceilidh (folk-dance) band for about ten years, before joining an American country band that performed around the UK.


Make music for him (Psalm 33:2; NLT).

I will make music for the Lord (Judges 5:3; NLT).

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