Bad dreams

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He will wipe every tear from their eyes,
and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain
(Revelation 21:4; NLT).

1. May bad dreams fade, Lord,
Leaving only night,
And darkness lessen,
Giving way to light.

2. May anger wane, Lord,
Leaving only grace,
And doubts diminish,
Giving way to faith.

3. May sorrow end, Lord,
Leaving only calm,
And worries scatter,
Giving way to balm.

4. May evil cease, Lord,
Leaving only good,
And hatred vanish,
Giving way to love.

4 thoughts on “Bad dreams

  • Bad dreams and/or sleeplessness are powerful attacks not just against our bodies, but also our spirit. I remember such low points where the enemy whispered in my ear, but I had to hold tight to Him and His Word rebuking the enemy. Praise God, He never leaves us! Thank you sister, God bless you today.

    • Ah – we understand bad dreams in very different ways. I understand them as showing me significant aspects of myself and my experiences that have gone underground. Fortunately, they can emerge from my subconscious/unconscious mind during sleep, when my conscious mind is switched off. As such, they are a tremendous, healing God-given resource. Bit by bit, over the years, they show me what I need to face, address, and learn from. XXX

      • Yes – and isn’t it amazing how we can understand things in such different ways, and coming from such different standpoints? XXX

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