My mind rises up

Image: cocoparisienne, Pixabay

1. My mind rises up
Like a kite, Lord, in prayer,
Flying, though tethered to earth —

One with the mountains,
The valleys and seas;
One with the world of my birth.

2. My heart rises up
Like a seed, Lord, in prayer,
Drifting on delicate wings —

One with the sunshine,
The breeze and the clouds;
One, Lord, with all living things. 

3. My soul rises up
Like a bird, Lord, in prayer,
Soaring to heaven above —

One with the angels,
The quick and the dead,
And one with you, Father, in love.


4 thoughts on “My mind rises up

  • Ruth, my heart soared as I read this beautiful poem. I have read it over and over, being blessed by the divine imagery. I remember the fun of flying a kite, I often imagined being the kite. I remember watching as sycamore seeds gentled soared from the wooded canopy to my feet as I watched in awe. As a birdwatcher I often lay in the fields watching the skylarks as they hovered ever higher singing their breathless melodies, how I wanted to join them. Even as a young unsaved lad my mind was already on heavenly things in such occasions. Thank you doesn’t seem enough for the showers of blessings you have rained on me with your poem this morning. God bless you richly my sister.

    • That’s the kindest message anyone has ever sent me, Alan. I’m truly delighted that this poem has helped you today. That what I ask God for each time I press “publish”! xxxx

  • Amen. Christians can be connected to God’s creation without worshiping it. Being “one with nature” can honor the God who created the whole universe out of nothing. Blessings.

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