Nothing to give

Image: Ralf Siebeck, Pixabay

1. Lord,
I have nothing to give you –
Nothing to share
But my mind;
Nothing to pledge
But my feelings;
Nothing to offer

2. Lord,
I have nothing to give you –
Nothing to share
But my blood;
Nothing to pledge
But my spirit;
Nothing to offer
But love.



1. Human effort accomplishes nothing (John 6:63; NLT).

2. We have nothing left to give but our bodies (Genesis 47:18; NLT).

I love you, Lord (Psalm 18:1; NLT).

4 thoughts on “Nothing to give

  • I can relate to this Ruth, I have always struggled with myself since I was a boy. Being bullied was large part of it. But then feeling inadequate for my God’s service was part of it. It is only in later years I realised He accepts me as I am, that He works within and through me to do His will. My perceived “nothing” was more than enough in His hands!
    Thakyou for this poem Ruth. God bless you today.

    • As so often, we are in step, Alan. I’m so sorry you had this horrible bullying to deal with, and well understand the aftermath – all the many unwanted consequences that follow these sorts of experiences. I was bullied by my emotionally-abusive mother all her life, though in later years I gradually managed to physically distance myself from her as much as I could. I still have treatment for the effects of how I suffered at her hands, so I really do understand what you live with. May God bless and heal us both, and all in a similar position XXX.

      • We are more in step with each other than we think! It was my dad who bullied me, mainly emotionally but also violence. It must stick to you because I was bullied at school too. As you correctly point out, these things have a lasting effect.

      • I’m so sorry you’ve had to suffer like this. Every kind of abuse has lifelong consequences, which only God can heal xxxxx

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