A vision in a dream 19.2.21.

Image: Albrecht Fietz, Pixabay


1. Out in the estuary,
Dragged from the shore.

2. The current, relentless;
My strength is no more.

3. There’s no turning back now:
I’ve drifted too far –

4. Down to the river-mouth;
Over the bar.

5. The ocean, before me;
The future, unknown.

6. The start of my journey –
Afraid, and alone.

7. Drawn by the ebb-tide
I’m swept out to sea.

8. My days are completed:
My spirit flies free.


The dust returns to the ground it came from,
and the spirit returns to God who gave it
(Ecclesiastes 12:7; NIV).

8 thoughts on “A vision in a dream 19.2.21.

  • A very vivid vision indeed. Although I hope our loving Father won’t allow a child of His to take their final journey Home on their own. God bless you sister.

    • Hi, Alan, yes I understand exactly what you mean, and I hope so too, but I can only describe, as exactly as possible, what I saw and experienced, which is hard. I see this poem more as encapsulating the realisation that the final journey has begun, and that there is no turning back, rather than as a description of the journey itself. It is Gethsemane, rather than the cross. Does that make any sense? Praying for you XXXXXX

  • I read this twice, Ruth. I also looked up the definition of estuary. I think I understand what you mean here. Do you speak of taking a new venture with God and burning the bridges behind you?

    Here is something I wrote that is similar:

    Set sail from the shore
    With my back to the wind
    Let go of the wheel
    Put it all in God’s hands
    Drift with the current awhile…
    Until Jesus smiles.


    • Hi, David, I liked your verse, for which many thanks. Today’s blog is quite different from most of what I write. Usually, God gives me an insight, plus the words to begin expressing it. However, today’s blog describes the vivid, wordless experience I had yesterday morning. In writing it, I tried to represent what I saw and felt, so that other people could grasp something of the flavour of that experience, too. With visions and dreams, I find that there is no place for interpretation. This means that each reader can understand them in their own way. Does this make sense? It’s a very hard process to explain. Do let me know if I’ve made too poor a job of this XXXXX

      • I believe I understand, sister Ruth. Your God-given dreams and visions are like the Legos that children play with. There are lots of ways to connect them that are unique to each person.

        To me, your vision speaks of letting go of the comfort of our current circumstances and venturing out in a new direction with God.

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