Recognition (#1 of 2)

Context: Last Friday I had a bunch of steroid injections into the joints between my sternum and ribs, and into an intercostal muscle. It was a painful, but ecstatic experience. Afterwards, I couldn’t sleep, which is always a very welcome time for writing. So I spent several hours focused entirely on today’s and tomorrow’s prayers, which arrived as an inseparable pair:

In my heart, I am thirsty for you, the living God.
When will I see your face? (Psalm 42:2; CEV).

May I seek your presence
Here, in everyone, today,
And, Lord, may I recognise your presence
Here, in all, today.

May I love and serve you
Here, in everyone, today,
Then I’ll see your image, Lord
Reflected in each face today.

Humankind was created as God’s reflection: in the divine image God created them; female and male, God made them. (Genesis 1:27; TIB).


Keep on seeking, and you will find (Matthew 7:7; NLT).

Christ is all that matters, and he lives in all of us (Colossians 3:11; NLT). 

Then their eyes were opened, and they recognised him (Luke 24:31, NIV).

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me (Matthew 25:40; NIV).

2 thoughts on “Recognition (#1 of 2)

  • Amen. There is a beautiful worship chorus we sing here in the U.S. called “I just want to be where you are.” It speaks of simply wanting to be in God’s presence—regardless of our current circumstances. Your poem reminds of of this song. ❤️🙏

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