13.4.23: Acceptance

Today’s prayer was written last Tuesday morning, but this is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to post it.

Your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you. And in that day you will ask Me nothing (John 16:22-3; NKJV). 

Nothing to ask for,
And nothing to hide:
Here, in your hands,
I find mercy.

Nothing to sigh for,
And nothing to tell;
Here, in your hands,
I find rest.

Nothing to weep for,
And nothing to fear:
Here, in your hands,
I find comfort.

Nothing to long for,
And nothing to seek:
Here, in your hands,
I am blessed.

As for me, I am in your hands – do with me as you think best (Jeremiah 26:14; NLT).

The Lord blesses them with peace (Psalm 29:11; NLT).

The Rosary Hospital

This is a Fiat rosary I started making yesterday. I’m hoping that someone will bond with it one day, when it joins a parish mission.

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