24.9.23: Seeking God

Luminas_Art: Pixabay.

Yesterday morning I laid in silence for a long time, seeking God before beginning to pray. Suddenly, I experienced God’s presence, then, instantly, today’s prayer began to arrive. All I had to do was to write it down as it flowed, line by line, without a moment’s hesitation. This was a very rare gift for which I was truly grateful, as I am so weary.

Moses approached the thick darkness where God was.
Exodus 20:21; NLT.

I seek you in darkness,
In silence,
In stillness;

I seek you in loneliness,
And fear;

I seek you in nature,
In beauty,
In others;

I seek you in suffering:
You are here. 

Jacob woke up and said, “The LORD is here!
He is in this place, and I didn’t know it!”
Genesis 28:16; GNT.

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