What can I offer?

Image:Sabine van Earp, Pixabay


What can I offer the Lord for all he has done for me?
(Psalm 116:12; NLT).

I offer you my weak, frail flesh,
Stripped of all the health and strength of youth.
It’s yours already, Lord, for you conceived it,
Yet I have nothing else to give, in truth.

I offer you my damaged mind,
Stripped of all my hopes of paradise.
It’s yours already, Lord, for you ordained it,
But I have nothing else to sacrifice.

I offer you my small, hard heart,
Stripped of all my faith, and peace, and trust.
It’s yours already, Lord, for you assigned it,
Yet I have nothing else to yield, but dust.

I offer you my sinful life,
Stripped of all grace, though you dwell in my soul.
It’s yours already, Lord, for I’m your temple,
But you are the only part of me that’s whole.

Offer every part of yourself to him
(Romans 6:13; NIV).


4 thoughts on “What can I offer?

  • We want so much to give our best to our Father God, but all we can lay before him is our feeble self which He already owns. His Love for us is rich and free, living within me. My surrendered receptacle is the best I can offer Him in thankfulness and humility. Thank you for this inspiring prayerful post Ruth, may you be blessed in Him this weekend sister.

    • Such kind words, Alan. It’s a comfort to know that you have already grasped what I try to express. If you have a tiny bit of energy to spare, please could you pray for my friend K, who has been called to hospital today for a transplant? Hope you will have a manageable and blessed weekend. XXXXXX

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