My heart

Shout to God with joyful praise!
(Psalm 47:1; NLT).

When my heart is full of joy,
May I praise you, Lord, my Friend.

When my heart is full of pain,
May I welcome all you send.

When my heart is full of fear,
May I trust your staff and rod.

When my heart is full of love,
May I worship you, my God.

You must worship the Lord your God
(Matthew 4:10; NLT).

6 thoughts on “My heart

      • A new development is I am struggling with a painful knee. I am unable to do much. Doc says I have damaged my cartilage. Will be reassessed in a week.

      • I’m so sorry, Alan. You and I are are very similar in being very vulnerable to developing new problems repeatedly. It sounds as if the knee has pretty much brought you to a standstill. I hope very much that it will improve with rest XXXXX

  • This is a great word about trusting in God, despite our circumstances. It’s hard to calm down enough to trust Him sometimes, however. As you have said here, by His grace may we stay close to Him—in good times and bad.

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