The best prayer

For God alone, O my soul,
wait in silence (Psalm 62:5; ESV).

The best prayer
Is wordless:
We wait upon God.

The best prayer
Is simple:
We pour out our hearts.

The best prayer
Is honest:
For he will forgive. 

The best prayer
Is constant:
As long as we live. 

Pray continually
(1 Thessalonians 5:17; NIV).

2 thoughts on “The best prayer

  • When I am in pain and immobile as I am now I depend more on Him, each and every moment. Silently my heart calls out to His Spirit seeking peace, in full confidence in His presence.
    Thank you for these precious morning prayers Ruth, they spur my spirit on to call His name and worship Him. May our Father God bless you abundantly this morning.

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