Speak to me

Image: Elias Sch, Pixabay

After the fire came a gentle whisper (1 Kings 19:12; NIV).


1. Speak to me with words of peace:
Abate the tempest
in my mind.

2. Speak to me with words of truth:
Reveal your presence
In my heart.

3. Speak to me with words of hope:
Dispel the shadows
in my soul.

4. Speak to me with words of love:
Restore my strength,
And make me whole.


1. The Lord is peace (Judges 6:24; NLT).

He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves (Psalm 107:29; NLT).

2. The Spirit is truth (1 John 5:6; NKJV).

You are the temple of the living God (2 Corinthians 6:16; NLT).

3. God [is] the source of hope (Romans 15:13; NLT).

My God turns my darkness into light (Psalm 18:28; NIV).

4. God is love (1 John 4:16; NLT).

He restores my strength (Psalm 23:3; NET).

Upon him was the chastisement that made us whole (Isaiah 53:5; RSV).

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