Be still

Image: Karl Egger, Pixabay


1. Be still,
And know that I am God,
Who made both heaven and earth.

2. Be still,
And know that I, alone,
Cause genesis, and birth.

3. Be still,
And know that I am God,
Who gives all creatures breath.

4. Be still,
And know that I am He
Who sends both life and death.



1. Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10; NIV).

He made heaven and earth (Psalm 146:6; NLT).

2. Stand still and watch the Lord’s victory (2 Chronicles 20:17; NLT).

He alone is God (1 Timothy 1:17; NLT).

God created human beings in his own image (Genesis 1:27; NLT).

3. Make yourselves low — sit still (Jeremiah 13:18, YLT).

You are the God who gives breath to all creatures (Numbers 27:16; NLT).

4. The Lord gives both life and death (1 Samuel 2:6; NLT).

8 thoughts on “Be still

  • “Be still and know that I am God” is the battle cry of my soul in the strife and pain of life, it focusses my attention on eternal rather than fleeting matters. Thank you Ruth, God bless you and give you relief today sister.

    • I’m so glad if this encourages you at all, Alan, in the midst of all your troubles. Today I’m writing about inner space and peace, so hopefully that will be ready for tomorrow’s blog! Thank you for all your good wishes, too. How is your back, and how is S coping? May God help you both through today. . XXXXXXX

  • Sorry for the delay in answering Ruth, we had a powercut here for just over an hour today. That and I was writing today’s post inspired by your post. I am a bit downhearted today, my back has returned to day one pain. Susan is in good fettle at the moment, praise the Lord. Thank you for your prayers Ruth.

    • Dear Alan, your day has been hard and demanding, especially in terms of your pain taking a step backwards, so I’m not at all surprised you’re feeling rather down. I do hope you are able to nurture yourself in whatever ways might help most – a hot bath, lying flat on the floor with a pillow under head and knees, painkillers etc. The one bright spot is that Susan is doing well at present. I continue to pray for you both, and wish deeply that I could say something to help you XXXXXX

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